96% of MWBE’s say you can’t find money.
There is $6T trying to find you in the US alone.

We give the power to both sides to connect and do business together & gives the credit to the leaders, ventures and enterprises striving hard to make it happen.

EBW is the ecosystem. MintHER is the data and analytics behind the ecosystem providing insight, access and opening opportunities between the entrepreneurs and the enterprises seeking to understand, connect and do business together.

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Finally, the no-hassle, 100% transparent way to get contracts, capital & opportunities into the hands of qualified, trained and vetted MWBE’s you are seeking and who deserve to grow.

Between now and the end of 2021, there is $6T in the hands of investors seeking to invest money into opportunity zones in the US alone.

The problem is two-sided:

Enterprises (corporates, governments and prime contractors struggle to find qualified, trained and vetted (QTV) deal flow at scale and instead resort to contracting with the same vendors to meet numbers.

MWBE’s seeking to be QTV to scale are limited in number and those that ARE QVT struggle to gain access to the decision makers to make a contract and capital happen. As a result:

Less than 1.4% of women led ventures ever get over the $1M mark

Less than 4% of women get VC funding

There are billions of dollars each year left unspent as a result of not being able to find and meet the women/ diversity contracts requirement. (In one city alone- there are $20B of contracts- 20% of which are meant to go to MWBE’s (i.e. $4B) and right now they are at a 3.3% allocation.

MintHER is the 1st in-house innovation out of The Blockchain Incubator by EBW- innovations to track, monitor, measure and help facilitate contracts and capital allocations to qualified, vetted and trained MWBE’s.

MintHER, MintHER Pro, MintHER Enterprise

* Transparency into financial know-how on both sides BEFORE you meet (for MWBE’s, get the insights and recommendations on access to the training needed to qualify for the contracts and capital BEFORE you apply)

* Updated tracking data on MWBE’s that have been funded and amounts

* Updated data on enterprise (corporations and government contracts) and contract and capital allocations

* Qualitative and quantitative matching capabilities to bring new opportunities together

* Data dashboards to power decision making and to find new opportunities (can be used for procurement, marketing, sales planning and more)


Never again do you have to hear, “I simply can’t find them”… MintHER unlocks opportunity for all & gives the credit to the leaders, ventures and enterprises striving hard to make it happen.

Ingrid Vanderveldt

About The Blockchain Incubator by EBW:

Inspired by the success of EBW’s BDFC (The Billion Dollar Funders Circle Accelerator)- EBW has The Blockchain Incubator Dedicated to finding leading innovations globally in blockchain social and fintech developments, The Blockchain Incubator (in tandem to the BDFC) allows corporations to pilot, test, explore and connect with women-led ventures and their companies from around the globe. Open to all, applying teams must have at least one woman on the key ownership and management team.

For more information please contact info@ebw2020.com

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